Race Committee

The San Diego Yacht Club Race Committee is dedicated to running top quality sailing events while providing a fair and safe race environment for the competing sailors. Without the help of Race Committee volunteers, our 45+ sailing events each year would not be possible.

Who can volunteer for Race Committee?

Anyone can volunteer. You can be a member, non-member, young, old, sailor, or non-sailor. There are many positions on the Race Committee that can be filled by a wide variety of people.

When and how often do I have to volunteer?

You can volunteer at any time during the year. We provide an online sign-up form and you can volunteer for as few as one event per year, although we encourage you to come out at least a few times a year. When you sign up for an event, you do not have to volunteer your entire weekend; you can sign up for one day only of a regatta. Not only can you sign-up for an event but you can also sign up as an alternate; someone we can call when we are short-handed.

I have never volunteered for Race Committee before. How will I know what to do?

We welcome all levels of experience. The best way to learn is hands-on. Come on out to an event and one of our experienced Race Committee Members will be happy to teach you the ropes. For more formal training, we offer Race Committee Clinics throughout the year.

Race Committee Positions

Principal Race Officer (PRO)

The overall on water management of the regatta is the responsibility of the PRO. The PRO keeps an overview of all courses and is the ultimate decision maker on the overall conduct of the event. The PRO also supervises the onshore aspects of race management, ensuring that signals are displayed correctly, notices are placed on the official notice board etc.


In charge of entering race finishes, and protest results into a program that figures results, and responsible for posting those results as pre-arranged.


In charge of keeping time during starts, recording leg times, and finish times if required.

Start Recorder

Assists PRO during start, making notes as the PRO calls the start line. Also assists Results recorder.

Results Recorder

Writes sail numbers/finish times as dictated by the PRO or line sighter.


This may be one to three people. Jobs include post the race information prior to the start sequence (course #, leg length and bearing to first mark), will also hoist start signal flags as required, and recall flags after the start if necessary. Also track requirements of other timed flags (orange line flags up or down, etc.)


Person who is generally available to do various tasks on the boat like help anchor the boat, assist if other boats come along side (fenders, lines, etc.), move tow lines, inflate marks, etc. These jobs can also be spread among other people, but helpful to have an extra strong pair of hands.

Markset Boat Helm

Person in charge of driving the markset boat, navigating as required to place the marks, and communications with the signal boat.

Markset Boat Crew

Person on markset boat in charge of rigging anchors, road, and marks for deployment.

Support Boat Driver

This is a person in charge of operation of a support boat designated for various purposes like safety, medical, press, photo or spectator boats.

SDYC Race Committee Boats


Signal Boat

Corner Office




No Sails


Home Office