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The San Diego Yacht Club Amateur Radio Group (ARG), call sign W6IM, is an active group of ham radio operators with 73 members in 2018. We have regular meetings and office hours as posted in the club calendar and right side of this page. If you are a cruiser or maritime professional you may be finding us after searching for more info about our Winlink email over radio station. W6IM has been running a Winlink RMS for over 18 years thanks to the tireless efforts of Rod McLennan, W6MWB, who has provided a reliable connection for sailors on the high seas to send their non-commercial email traffic. If you are interested in becoming licensed, please email us or drop by during our posted office hours and we can help you along in the process.

Juniors are encouraged and welcome at the ARG! For junior sailors (under 18)  we have an incentive: Come learn how to pass your ham radio license exams, pass your exam(s), and the ARG will congratulate you by presenting you your first ham radio, a hand held VHF/UHF transceiver. We’ll also get you comfortable getting on the air not just with your new radio, but with the high horsepower radios we have at the comm center.

The ARG Communication Center’s tower antenna array was designed to provide coverage across all HF/VHF/UHF/Marine SSB frequency bands. Omni-directional and focused radiation beam patterns for long-range (DX) contacts are possible by use of the rotator to point the 6 element, 3 band Force 12 yagi antenna. ARG operators have verified radio contacts on every continent and many countries: Spain, Ireland, England, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Mexico, Columbia, Japan and many many more. Currently, 7 different radios have been installed in the Comm Center. 

If you’re interested in getting your vessel equipped for Marine SSB or ham radio communications prior to a cruise we’d be happy to put you in touch with the right people.

Carlos Smith, WA7ER
Chairman SDYC ARG

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Carlos Smith, WA7ER
ARG Chairman

Daily Schedule
0800: Baja Net - 7.233.5 MHz
0815: ARG Net - 146.580 MHz

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