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This is the first wooden One Design racing sloop designed and built especially for Southern California waters. Designed by George Kettenburg Jr. in 1929, the PC has survived over 77 years and is still enjoyed today. While the largest of the fleets is in San Diego, there are smaller groups in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles and Washington State. Of the 84 hull numbers assigned, all but 19 of these lovely vessels have been identified as never built, lost, destroyed, on the hard or still sailing! Many have been totally restored to live another 77 years! Hull #8 WINGS, believed to be the oldest hull in existence, is now on display at the San Diego Maritime Museum.

I hope you enjoy visiting our web page and encourage you to share any history, photos or information with our webmaster so that our webpage continues to grow! For now, take a trip down memory lane and see what present PC skippers are up to as well!

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