Vallarta Race 2010 Video Gallery

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Bill Turpin and the crew of Akela set the record for the 1000 nm course from SD to PV.

SDYC Vice Commodore Woody Hunt and his crew served as the Escort and Communications Boat during the Vallarta Race. Woody is a veteran of the race as both a sailor and communications.

Jeff Johnson on his experience spending 18 hours on a Mexican Navy Boat-turned Regatta Finish boat along with a few SDYC members, and the overall success of the 2010 PV Race.

A new team and a new boat, Peligroso was able to finish first overall Corrected Time. Co-Navigator Piet van Os discusses the race.

Peligroso Owner Lorenzo Behro discusses his new boat and unique team. Finishing 1st Overall was a bonus on top of a fun and exciting race with his crew.